Gift Guide


This is a fun kit, with all you need to make a great winter cocktail. This would make for a great host gift.

My stems are Sophienwald, and they’re stylish and gorgeous. I have a set of these for special moments in addition to my everyday set.

Coravin is the leader in wine preservation and the Pivot + is perfect for the person who enjoys a glass and wants to preserve it for a few weeks.

If you’re traveling and need to bring wine with you (or home from your trip), then this sturdy wine suitcase is perfect.

This is one of my favorite gifts to give to a host or a white elephant gift exchange, or just a stocking stuffer for your girlfriends. 

They make a great stocking stuffer for any cocktail lover on your list. This is a 2-pack that has both cubes and round balls.


Brisket  Chili

Chuck Roast Stew

Smoked Chicken Wings