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Gozney Dome Pizza Oven
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How to Use a Gozney Dome Wood Fuel Oven

A step by step guide and video on how to use the Gozney Dome Wood Fuel Oven. This guide assumes you have already completed your first warm up of the oven to temper the stone.
Prep Time1 hr
Active Time1 min
Course: Pizza
Cuisine: American, Italian, Pizza
Keyword: How to use Gozney Dome
Yield: 1 pizza



  • 6 inch wood splits
  • 10 inch wood splits
  • 1 piece tumbleweed fire starter
  • 1 pizza


  • Start Fire: Start by creating a log cabin set up with small wood splits and a tumbleweed starter in the center of the Dome. Light the starter and then target 300 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. You will add a few more small splits over the 20 minutes. This will temper the stone to prepare it for high heat.
  • Warm Oven: Next, using a charcoal cleaning tool or large tongs, push the fire to the left side of the Dome and add more small wood splits. The goal is getting a hot ember base and warming up the stone floor on the left side. Keep feeding small splits keeping a rolling flame going for 20 minutes. The temperature will rise to about 600 – 700 degrees F.
  • Maintain Target Temperature: The final step is moving that ember base using the same tool to the right side of the Dome over the ash collection plate. Add a few small splits and a large split and get the internal temperature of the Dome to 900 – 950 degrees F. The goal is having a constant fire/flame running along the top of the Dome and having a large ember base to maintain the heat. After about 20 – 30 minutes, your stone should be at 700 degrees and ready for the first pizza.
  • Make Pizza: Slide the prepared pizza onto the left side of the stone as deep as possible with the wooden pizza peel. Begin rotating the pizza with the turning pizza peel every 10 - 15 seconds to allow dough to cook evenly. You'll see the dough rise, and the leopard spots develop. After you have rotated the pizza 360 degrees it should be done (less than 90 seconds) and remove with the turning pizza peel. Slice and serve as recipe suggests.



Reminder: You need to complete a warm up sequence and temper the stone once before making pizzas per the manufacturer recommendations. Follow this method less the pizza to accomplish this. 
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