Gift Guide


High quality salt is a must for any foodie. This finishing salt is perfect for salads, dressings, or simply topping a steak. 

Don’t let the title “brisket” sway you. This rub is fantastic on any beef (grilled or smoked). 

Metal skewers are great because you will use them over and over versus disposable wooden ones. Go for both short and long skewers.

We fell in love with Finex Cast Iron years ago. We have a 10″ skillet, a Dutch Oven, and a sauce pan, and love them all.

High heat gloves are a must. From grabbing hot cast iron, to managing logs and flame, these gloves get it done.

Half Trays are great when laying out steaks, or keeping a brisket stable while trimming. Having two goes a long way

If you are looking for a starter pellet grill then this is the one. Consider adding on with the Sidekick feature too.

This kettle grill was the first grill we experimented with and remains, to this day, the one we use the most. It’s the perfect starter grill.


Brisket  Chili

Chuck Roast Stew

Smoked Chicken Wings