Kalua Pork

hawaiian inspired

1. The evening before cooking, trim excess fat and any glands off the pork shoulder. Leave ¼ of the fat cap on the top of the shoulder. Liberally season with the salt.


2. Lay out the banana leaves in a cross pattern and place the pork shoulder in the center. Then carefully wrap the shoulder so the entire shoulder is not exposed.


3. Then store in the refrigerator overnight so the salt dry brines the pork.


Place the wrapped pork shoulder on the smoker and insert a good digital thermometer to monitor the cooking temperature, like the Thermoworks Smoke or Smoke X unit.


Continue smoking until the internal temperature of the pork reaches 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Test the temperature in a few places. That is when the shoulder is done.


When it reaches the correct temperature and texture, remove from the smoker and then let it rest for 30 minutes. Cut away the leaves and discard. 


Then using your favorite pork pulling tool and shred. As you shred, discard any excess fat, bone, and cartilage.


You can serve as is, or add your favorite island style barbecue sauce. Turn into a sandwich or serve with rice.



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