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sean teaching how to smoke on a gas grill
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Smoking on a Gas Grill Guide

A guide on how to smoke low and slow on a gas grill using wood chips and a few simple tricks.
Prep Time20 mins
Active Time30 mins
Total Time50 mins
Course: Appetizer, Entree
Cuisine: American, barbecue
Keyword: gas grill, how to smoke on a gas grill, smoking on a gas grill
Cost: $15.00


  • Aluminum Foil
  • Wood Chips



  • In a large bowl filled with water, pre-soak wood chips for at least an hour. After they have soaked, remove them from the water and place into a stainless steel smoker box.
  • Turn two burners on high to ignite the flame. Place the box directly on the drip shield over the flame. Place a Bluetooth thermometer on the grill grates over the indirect heat. Close the lid and and run the heat on high until you smell and see smoke rising.
  • When you see that the chips have ignited, reduce the heat to your target cooking temperature which is most commonly in the range of 225 - 275 degrees F. Note: The best place to monitor your temperature in the cooking chamber is over the indirect side of the grill where the meat will be cooked.
  • At the target temperature this is when to add your meat on the indirect side of the grill. We also recommend using a meat thermometer probe that you place into the meat and watch the internal temperature without having to open the grill.
  • Follow your intended recipe instructions, and if the cooking process will take longer than one hour, replace the wood chips once an hour.



Direct Heat - You can leave the grates off the direct side if you are cooking smaller cuts of meat like tri tip or steaks for reverse searing. If cooking larger cuts, you'll want the grates on, like ribs or a brisket.
If your grill has racks, you can also smoke with the meat on the rack over the heat, but we find the indirect side much easier.