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Smoked Jalapeño Poppers

Smoked Jalapeño Poppers with Crispy Bacon. An easy appetizer for Super Bowl made with crispy smoked bacon, cream cheese and cheddar cheese.
Course Appetizer
Cuisine American, Super Bowl
Keyword bacon jalapeno poppers, smoked jalapeno poppers, stuffed jalapeno peppers
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Smoking Bacon Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Servings 20 Jalapeño Poppers
Cost $20.00


For the poppers:

  • 10 medium sized jalapeño peppers
  • 1 cup smoked cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 4 ounces softened whipped cream cheese (purchase "whipped cream cheese" or whip it yourself to soften and aerate)
  • Garnish: can use green onion, Italian parsley, etc.


  • Preheat smoker to 250 degrees.
  • Place bacon on smoker for about one hour or until crispy. Alternatively you can crisp up bacon in the oven or stovetop.
  • While bacon smoking; cut the stems off the jalapeño and then cut in half lengthwise. Remove ribs and seeds (that’s where a lot of the heat comes from).
  • Arrange on a sheet tray or cookie drying rack.
  • When bacon is crispy, remove from smoker and finely chop, then add to a medium sized bowl. Add remainder of ingredients to the bowl and mix together. If you want more creaminess add more whipped cream cheese.
  • Fill each jalapeño with about 1 tablespoon of the cheese mixture; it should be lightly packed.
  • Place on smoker at 250 degrees for 30 – 45 minutes. You are looking for the cheese to melt and the jalapenos to look slightly roasted. Remove and serve.


You can prepare everything in advance until it's time to smoke the poppers. Just stuff the jalapeños and put in fridge in batches and just keep them added to the smoker throughout the game so that each batch is warm and fresh. Awesome finger food.