Best Places to Buy Brisket Online

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Brisket is a cornerstone of American barbecue. Known for its rich flavor and tender texture when cooked properly, brisket is a favorite among meat enthusiasts. But it can sometimes be difficult to find high-quality briskets at your local supermarket, resulting in the need to turn to online sources. We’ve got you covered with the best places to source high-quality brisket online.

Smoked brisket burnt ends and sliced flat.

First and foremost, we always recommend sourcing locally from a good butcher for both ease and quality. That being said, buying brisket online is easier now than ever before. For those looking to purchase high-quality brisket without leaving the comfort of their home, numerous online vendors offer premium cuts.

Here are some of the best places to buy brisket online, whether you are looking to make smoked whole brisket, smoked brisket flat, or even corned beef brisket.

And remember to make sure you follow our top tips for smoking brisket and always make sure to use the right brisket rub.

What To Expect When Buying Brisket Online

  • Shipping: Online briskets are most commonly shipped frozen. So be sure when you are ordering you are accounting for thaw time.
  • Thawing: A frozen brisket should thaw within 3 days.
  • Stock Up: Because they come frozen, take advantage of online sales and promotions so you can cook it down the road. Frozen brisket can last up to a year in the freezer.
  • Join Their Email List: Most online retailers offer some type of discount or bundle deal if you join their email list. With the price of brisket, this can mean real savings.

And don’t forget to make sure you have the best brisket tools to make the cooking experience easier.

Snake River Farms – American Wagyu Briskets

Snake River Farms is renowned for its American Wagyu beef, which is a cross between Japanese Wagyu and American Angus (and other breeds). Based in Idaho, with cattle from the Pacific Northwest, their briskets are known for exceptional marbling and flavor, making them a top choice for barbecue connoisseurs and experts alike.

They offer a variety of sizes and grades, including competition-grade gold and black briskets favored by professional BBQ teams.

Smoked and sliced brisket.

Double R Ranch – Choice and Prime Brisket

Also owned by the team at Snake River Farms, Double R Ranch offers Prime and Choice cuts of brisket during certain times of the year with the same exceptional standards. The flavor is delicious at a more affordable price range.

Porter Road – 100% Butcher Sourced and Prepared

Porter Road, a Nashville-based online butcher shop, offers pasture-raised, hormone-free beef. Their briskets are hand-trimmed by skilled butchers, ensuring high quality and consistency. Porter Road is ideal for those who prioritize ethically sourced and sustainably raised meats.

They offer smaller dry-aged packer briskets, which are already trimmed and cut down on your prep time. They also offer a dry-aged brisket flat. That also means you’re just paying for the meat.

D’Artagnan Meats – Small Ranch Sourcing

D’Artagnan has been servicing fine NY City-based restaurants and chefs for decades. They source their meats from small farms from around the world and offer several amazing cuts.

They offer Angus Brisket Flats available at different price points which is great for a smaller crowd.

unwrapped smoked brisket flat

Omaha Steaks – Affordable Options

A household name, Omaha Steaks offers more than just steaks. Their brisket flat is slow-aged and hand-trimmed, promising a high-quality product. They also provide pre-marinated corned beef briskets, perfect for those looking for convenience without sacrificing taste.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is first and foremost a subscription and box-based retailer. But if you dig deep you can find some great deals on quality briskets, from Wagyu Cross to Pasture raised.

Their primary competitor, ButcherBox, does not typically have briskets as a stand-alone purchase.

Allen Brothers – Where Chef’s Source

Allen Brothers is owned by Chef Warehouse Midwest, which supplies restaurants all around the US. You can source brisket from Allen Brothers, although at times they have more limited options by weight. They offer Prime and Japanese Wagyu BMS 6-7.

Brisket burnt ends in a metal hotel pan.

US Wellness Meats – 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished

For those who prioritize health and sustainability, US Wellness Meats offers 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef brisket. Their meats are free of hormones and GMOs, catering to health-conscious consumers.

If buying brisket from US wellness meats you are likely only going to find smaller cuts, like the brisket flat or the brisket point, which is great for brisket burnt ends. The marbling will be slightly less and your cooking times may vary, but if sustainability is important to you then this is a great option.

Get Smoking

Remember, the best choice for you may depend on your personal preferences regarding meat quality, ethical sourcing, and price point.

Each of these online vendors offers something unique, whether it’s the quality of the meat, the sourcing practices, or the convenience of delivery. When choosing where to buy brisket online, consider factors like the type of beef, the farm’s practices, and your specific cooking needs. With these top-notch options, your next barbecue is sure to be a hit.

Brisket smoked and before wrapped on a pellet smoker.

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