Founded by sommelier and pitmaster Mary Cressler, Vindulge has grown worldwide to represent some of the best recipes in outdoor grilling. Her husband, Sean Martin joined full time in March 2020 where they can both pursue the creation of recipes, products, and tools to make outdoor cooking incredible.

mary cressler grilling on a big green egg

Check out some of our favorite products from Vindulge. From our cookbook, to sauces, and seasonings. Grab them now and get grilling!

Fire + Wine Cookbook

Our debut cookbook is now in it’s second edition. Grab your copy today anywhere books are sold. Or you can pick up a signed copy. Check out the rave reviews from critics and fans on our cookbook page or buy now at Amazon. Don’t forget to leave a review where you purchased it. You can also pick up a signed copy from the link below.

Fire + Wine Cookbook Cover

Red Wine BBQ Sauce

First published in 2015 our wine based barbecue sauce is savory and sweet. The perfect balance to add as a glaze or for dipping. Perfect with chicken, pork, lamb, and fish. The red wine was sourced from Oregon growers whose wine was decimated from wildfires in 2020. Learn more about our red wine barbecue sauce story.

Vindulge red wine barbecue sauce.

Available for shipping in the continental US only at the moment. Use as a sauce on our BBQ Chicken Pizza, glaze onto grilled chicken thighs recipe, or even any of our smoked ribs recipes.

All Purpose Seasoning

Coming Soon!

We have one of the most popular all purpose seasonings on the internet. Over 300,000 people have made this as part of their pantry. And soon you can buy our ultimate dry rub perfect for pork or chicken.

It’s a balance of savory and sweet so that it’s balanced and perfect for a low and slow cook or even a roast.