Timber Stoves Big Timber Wood Pellet Patio Heater Product Review

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If you are in the market for a wood pellet outdoor heater then you need to consider the Big Timber Patio Heater. One of several Wood Pellet Products lines of patio heaters and accessories. This product review is specific to the Big Timber model.

Timber Stoves Big Timber Patio Heater
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When searching for a good quality patio heater, you often have to make one primary decision. Do I go propane or do I go wood pellet fuel? Many people looking for patio heaters don’t realize that wood pellet options exist. If you are in the market for a high-quality patio heater I then encourage you to consider looking at wood pellet options, especially from Wood Pellet Products.

This model was sent to us as a media sample. We were not compensated for the content in this review. All opinions are our own.

Big Timber Stove Patio Heater Highlights

If you are the type of buyer who is looking for a beautiful and functional heater built in the US, this is your patio heater. Made in Mt. Angel, Oregon, by Wood Pellet Products, the Timber Stoves line of heaters is hand-built with high-quality stainless steel.

When you compare the price of your average propane tank and using heating pellets, you will save in the long term using a wood pellet patio heater.

– Well made, aesthetically cool looking, and durable with quality stainless steel and 3 sided glass fire viewing.

– Puts out 90,000 BTU with 12 foot max heating radius. The heat emanates from the entire unit, not just the one area you typically find with propane.

– Lightweight enough to move around patio with ease but heavy enough to withstand the average wind.
– Expensive compared to propane or other wood pellet patio heaters.
– Hot to the touch on the entire heater. They do offer a safety cage for an additional fee.


Height84 inches
Width At Base8 inches
Width Including Pellet Hopper22 inches
Weight70 pounds without pellets
Manufacturing CountryUnited States
Hopper Capacity20 pounds
Burn Time2 hours with damper closed
FuelWood Pellets, specifically home heating wood pellets versus food grade.
Material100% Stainless Steel
Heating Radius12 Feet max assuming no wind or adverse weather.

Where To Buy Big Timber Patio Heater

You can purchase The Timber Stoves Patio Heaters from authorized local dealers using their dealer search tool or you can buy direct from their website. They are available throughout North America and Europe.

Price Tested: $1,169.10 at the time of this article.


The Big Timber arrived well packaged in one box.

We installed it on the patio we intended to do the testing, but it is light enough to move. If you are going to move it, consider putting the pipe on after you put it in its final location to make it easier to get through any doors or tight spaces as it is fairly tall.

All the protective wrapping on the Big Timber Patio Heater needs to be removed before installation and first use of the product. This is also mentioned by the manufacturer.

Key Assembly Tip

The manufacturer includes a stainless steel cleaner to wipe off your hand prints from the stove before first use. It’s clearly communicated that you should use it to wipe down the stove AFTER you have assembled fully and before it’s first use. Otherwise as the unit burns, your finger prints or streaks will show up in the patina that develops.

Set Up and First Use

It took one person two hours to set up the patio heater. Most of that time was peeling off the protective wrapper. The actual stove is very easy to install. Note that you need to remove all the protective wrapping before firing up the stove.

The manufacturer has a useful video to supplement the instructions included with a QR code in the packaging.

  • For first use, it’s recommended to fill the hopper 3/4 full with heating wood pellets (versus food-grade pellets). Be sure the shutoff key is not inserted. The wood pellets will fill the burn pot.
  • Open the damper fully. Add starter gel to the pellets or place a tumbleweed fire starter into the pile of pellets. Ignite and then close the door using the latch. Be sure the damper is completely open.
  • After 10 minutes the pellets will be ignited and you’ll start to see the fire grow in size. You may smell fumes, which is normal. Allow the pellets to burn through and completely cool. It’s then ready for normal operation.

As you ignite and use the Big Timber Heater you will notice the stainless steel discolor and develop a copper-like patina. This is normal and by design.

How to Use Big Timber Patio Heater

  1. Be sure the hopper is full of pellets and the fire pot is cleaned of any prior ash. Place a generous amount of fuel gel on the pellets or one fire starter nestled within the pellets. Light.
  2. Close the door and be sure the damper is open for the first 10 minutes to allow the maximum airflow for startup. After you see a substantial flame you can adjust the damper based on your desired heat level.
  3. If the damper is closed it burns hottest. Open the damper if you want to cool down the unit.


The pellets are very efficient when burned creating very little ash. But be sure to open the ash pan occasionally and discard any ash every few burns.

  • Creosote may build up and need to be cleaned from the fire chamber.
  • Clean the glass if soot or creosote develop when the unit is cool.
  • You can clean the exterior with warm soapy water to maintain a clean look. The patina color is normal and part of the design.

Propane Versus Wood Pellets

In the long term, the price of heating wood pellets is cheaper than refilling propane. One bag of heating pellets in our area costs $6.99 and will last for 6 hours of burn time.

Company Background

Timber Stoves (Wood Pellet Products, LLC) was started in 2010 in Mt. Angel, Oregon and the first US producer of wood pellet patio heaters. Their mission is to bring people together around a warm fire.

The craftsmanship vision is evident in the design of their products. In 2021, a fire destroyed their production facility. After 4 months, they found a new facility and were back making quality wood pellet patio heaters, all within the US.

Customer Service and Warranty

There is a phone number available for owners of products that is available in the manual if any defects are found upon assembly. There is also an email that can be used to connect directly on customer service issues.

For UNUSED and Unassembled Timber Stoves purchased directly from Wood Pellets Products website, there is 45-day window for a full refund. Review their website for more details.

There is a 3-year warranty on any Timber Stoves against any defects in material or workmanship under normal use. You can read more about their warranty details. An original receipt will be needed.

Be sure to review the manufacturers website directly for any updates to their policy.


There are a host of accessories for the Big Timber Patio Heater for use and for cooking.

Unit Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Fire Pot: You can upgrade to the full stainless steel firepot for longer life.
  • Hopper Extension: They make a stainless steel hopper extension to add more fuel and time to your burning.
  • Wheels: You can buy castor wheels for the base if you plan to move around frequently.
  • Safety Cage: You can add a safety cage to each of the models offered to prevent people from touching the hot stove. Consider bundling with your purchase to take advantage of the best savings.
  • Weighted Plate: A weighted plate that sits under the base adds 30 pounds if you are prone to higher-than-average winds.
  • Cover: You can buy a cover if you plan a prolonged period of no use. The cover will also prevent water from accumulating in the ash pot.

Cooking Accessories

Update (June 2024) – Timber Stoves has introduced the RAD stove and have discontinued accessories for the Timber series for online purchase. You may find som older ovens and griddles in dealers.

There are several cooking accessories for the patio stove. We have not tested these accessories but from reviews, these look well built.

  • Timber Oven: You can add an oven to any of the models that mimic a pizza oven, like the Gozney Dome. – No longer available (June 2024).
  • Griddle: There is a griddle attachment as well with a bucket for grease. – No longer available (June 2024).

Other Products To Consider

If you are in the market for a wood pellet patio heater there are cheaper models available. One thing to note about other manufacturers is that the design and build quality are a major difference. And from our research most are not made in the USA if that is an important feature in sourcing your products.

Be sure when you are selecting the best wood patio pellet heater you consider things like stainless steel, the viewability of the fire, BTU comparison, and durable material surrounding the firebox before making your decision. Many of the other versions only have one viewable door and we like having the three windows on the Big Timber.

Be sure to read reviews first before making a final decision that’s right for your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i add more fuel if the pellets run out

You can add fuel to the hopper if you still have a fire. If the fire has gone out do not add pellets. If you do then the pellets are smothered and when they ignite it will create a large amount of dark smoke. It’s best to let the heater cool for 30 minutes and follow the startup process again.

Do pellet patio heaters smoke

There is very little smoke emitted from wood pellet patio heaters because of how efficient they are. You may see a small amount of smoke during the startup period.

can a pellet patio heater be used indoors

No, you should never use a pellet patio heater indoors. The combustion and systems used are meant for burning outside only.

can i use a timber stove on my deck

Yes, and validated per the manufacturer. We recommend if burning on a deck to buy a grill mat that is designed for catching any embers.

Can I use it in the rain

Yes, you can run the stove in the rain. Be sure to keep the pellets in a dry place until you plan to use them. Otherwise the water causes them to bloom and they won’t burn.

Can i use food grade wood pellets

We do not recommend pellets we would use in a smoker. They do not burn as hot and are much more expensive. Buy home heating grade wood pellets.

Overall Review

Simply put we love this patio heater. Not only does it work well and crank out heat, it looks amazing and is always a conversation piece when people come over. Because it has both form and function you can see why it’s the best wood patio pellet heater on the market.

It burns hot, works in all weather scenarios, and is visually stunning. The gravity based pellet system requires no electricity and is easy to light up.

This is perfect if looking for a luxury wood burning outdoor stove that will last for decades. It’s also a great option for the discerning business looking for ambiance and function.

Where to Purchase a Big Timber Patio Heater

You can buy from local dealers, online retailers, or their website and have shipped direct to you.

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