TV Appearances

Below is a list of TV appearances Vindulge has been featured on. Click on any of the links to view the videos.

Vindulge TV Appearances

Favorite TV Appearances

Kid Friendly Taco Bar on AM Northwest

(July 2018)

Cooking with Kids on TV

Barbecue Sauces on AM Northwest

AM Northwest TV Segment Cooking Demo

Cooking up Brisket Chili on AM Northwest

Smoked Marinara on AM Northwest

How to Make Your Own Rubs & Sauces on AM Northwest

Grilled Chicken with Blackberry BBQ Sauce on AM Northwest

Best BBQ Tools & Grilled Flank Steak

Previous Episodes

Cooking up Brisket Nachos on AM Northwest

Cooking Demo on AM Northwest

Cooking up Smoked Tomato Bisque and Smoked Brisket Grilled Cheese on AM Northwest 

AM Northwest Segment with Vindulge

Tailgating season on AM Northwest — Recipes include Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

Cooking Demo on AM Northwest

Cookin’ up My Mama’s Green Chili Turkey on AM Northwest

Cooking demo on AM Northwest

Stretching your Budget with Brisket on AM Northwest — Recipes include Brisket Empanadas and Brisket Crostini


Hosting an Elegant and Easy Oscar Party on AM Northwest — Recipes include Smoked Salmon Dip and Flank Steak Skewers


Cooking with Kids — Smoked Pulled Pork Wontons

Cooking with Kids, cooking segment on AM Northwest

Cooking Smoked Tri-Tip on AM Northwest

Cooking Tri Tip on AM Northwest

Watermelon Salad with Basil and White Balsamic on AM Northwest

Cooking Demo on AM Northwest

Smoked Meatballs with Cranberry & Red Wine Sauce on AM Northwest

Mary Cressler and Sean Martin from Vindulge on AM Northwest

Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy on KGW Portland Today

Halloween Candy and Wine Pairing TV Segment on KGW

Oregon Sparkling Wines for the Holidays on KGW Portland Today 

Mary Cressler Oregon Sparkling Wine segment on KGW Portland Today

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