Large Big Green Egg Product Review

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The Large Big Green Egg is a versatile multi-purpose grill and smoker. It can bake, smoke, and grill and has several Big Green Egg accessories. It will last for decades if taken care of and is one of the most efficient grills on the market.

Large Big Green Egg on the nest integrated system.

When it comes to shopping for a Big Green Egg, there are many sizes to choose from. From the Mini-Max to the Extra Large (XL) Egg, there is an Egg out there for everyone that will fit your budget and the size of your family, or more importantly, the amount of food you want to cook.

Model Tested – Large Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg “Large” is a great addition to anyone’s backyard cooking tool collection. The pros far outweigh any cons.

Generally when people ask whether they should choose between the Large and the BGE XL model – we typically recommend the XL if you have a larger family or like to entertain more often. But the Large is perfect for so many grilling and smoking enthusiasts out there!

– It can grill, smoke, and bake all in one smoker.

– There are many accessories from Big Green Egg that can expand the size of the cooking area and type of cooking.

– More affordable compared to the XL model.

– One of the best grills and smokers to hold consistent temperature in cold weather climates.
– Learning curve is steeper than a comparable pellet grill but manageable once you control airflow with the vents.

– The width of the cooking area is smaller than the XL model, and not as great for a larger crowd.

– When cooking for more volume you will need to supplement with accessories, like the expander kit.


Big Green Eggs are ceramic smokers and grills modeled after the ancient Kamado Grills from China and Japan. They are incredibly efficient, burn consistently, and offer great flavor profiles.

Weight (not including modular nest)162 pounds
Grill Grate Width18.25 inches
Total Cooking Space262 square inches
ThermometerOn the dome, included
Fuel SourceCharcoal (lump preferred) and wood chunks

Where To Buy A Large Big Green Egg

The best tip is to find a local dealer near you. Use the Big Green Egg dealer locator. Larger volume (or Platinum and Gold dealers) will often have great packages that include charcoal and accessories, delivery, and even set up. Each dealer sets their own price, so shop around even in your local area.

Pro Tip – Consider buying a once or twice-used Big Green Egg after a local Egg Fest. These are typically the only time you will find the sizes at discounted prices (and they are barely used).

You can buy through the Big Green Egg website and that will initiate the purchase through a local dealer. Be sure you are reviewing the pricing and whether it includes delivery and setup.


When unpacking it’s best to set it up where you intend to use it. Once put together it can be heavy and more difficult to move around.

The packaging for the egg came in one box. The accessories and the nest handler come in separate boxes. We recommend at the minimum that you purchase the integrated nest handler and often it comes with bundles.

Set Up and First Use

The setup for the integrated nest handler and Big Green Egg took us one hour. When setting up be sure you tighten the bands securely, but not over-tighten. This keeps the lid securely on. The nest handler will attach to the Egg for maximum stability.

Before your first cook with food, you want to do an initial burn with your accessories all laid out in the egg. Follow the start-up process and burn the egg for 45 minutes at 350 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This will burn off any packaging residue.

Then you are ready to cook.

How to Use Large Big Green Egg

All Big Green Egg models follow the same process for lighting and using. Start your Egg with a lighter and a wood brick or tumbleweed fire starter. Or use your charcoal chimney.

The bottom vent allows for air intake. The bottom vent is what we open and close most often to control the primary air intake to stoke the fire and smoke.

The bottom vent open on a Large Big Green Egg where the air comes into the EGG.

The top vent is where the air, smoke, and heat escape. The wider open the vents, the hotter the Egg will run. The more closed the vents, the less airflow and cooler the unit will run.

The top vent of a Large Big Green Egg open.

How to Grill on a Big Green Egg – This is our guide on how to cook hot and fast using any Big Green Egg (no matter the size). When grilling you want the vents fully open and then close off the top vent as the temperature reaches whatever you are targeting.

How to Smoke on a Big Green Egg – Follow the same start-up process. Once the charcoal is lit, add chunks of wood among the charcoal. Add the ConveGGtor plate with legs facing up and then add your grill grate.

Close the lid and adjust the vents so they are fully open. As the target temperature gets closer to your desired goal you want to then start to close the vents so they are barely open. To hold the temperature you can fine-tune the bottom vent first or adjust the top and bottom vents. Once it’s at your target temperature it’s time to smoke your meat.

Pitmaster Tip

Do not use lighter fluid when starting a Big Green Egg or Kamado Grill. The ceramic over time can absorb the aroma and you can impart that taste into your cooking.


Any Big Green Egg requires regular cleaning. You can also wipe down the exterior with citrus or ceramic cleaner. Big Green Egg also has some branded cleaning options as well.

  • After every 4 to 5 cooks, clean out the ash in the base using an ash tool.
  • After every cook scrape down your grill grates to keep them free of grease and creosote.
  • Every few months consider a high heat burn to kill any developing mold and to rid the Egg and convEGGtor plate of grease.
  • For more stubborn mold growth you can also follow our guide on how to remove mold from a Big Green Egg.
  • Every few years inspect and replace the gasket as needed to maintain a good seal.

If you wake up one day and your BGE is frozen shut – do not force it open. Follow our tips for opening a frozen Big Green Egg and avoid ripping off the gasket.

Customer Service and Warranty

Big Green Egg offers a limited lifetime warranty on their grills for both residential and commercial use for ceramic and accessories. Be sure to read the details.

  • Ceramic is covered for workmanship for as long as the original owner has the Egg.
  • Metal is covered for up to five years (bands, etc).
  • Wood is covered for up to one year (handles, etc).

Be sure to read the warranty for the most recent updates and details.

Be sure to save your receipt. You can initiate a warranty claim through your local dealer. If you purchased an egg outside the US, then you should start a warranty claim in the country purchased. You must have proof of receipt.

Big Green Egg Models and Approximate Retail Price

Note that prices may vary and cooking space is with a single grate. You can use the EGGspander kit on many of the models.

ModelApproximate Cooking SpaceApproximate Retail Price*
Mini79 square inches$399
Mini Max133 square inches$699
Small133 square inches$999
Medium177 square inches$1,099
Large262 square inches$1,299
XL (Extra Large)452 square inches$1,499
2XL672 square inches$2,199

*Prices vary between dealers and packages.


  • ConvEGGtor Plate – We recommend you purchase the convEGGtor plate for the best indirect cooking and smoking options.
  • Tables – There are a variety of table options to choose from.
  • Charcoal Basket – For all models, you can buy a charcoal basket which can be set for two-zone grilling.
  • EGGspansion Kit – To assist in the one downside of the Large, we recommend buying the EGGspansion kit which adds more surface area with a two-level grill grate solution. This allows for more options when cooking and you can add other attachments like planchas and pizza stones to it.
  • Pizza Stones – BGE has multiple styles and sizes of pizza stones for the perfect pizza on the Big Green Egg.
Large Big Green egg with the Conveggtor plate and grill grate over the top.

Explore accessories.

Other Accessories To Consider

  • Specific to the large is the new Pizza Oven Wedge, which turns the Large into a pizza oven. You can use it with the ConvEGGtor plate and also works with the EGGspansion kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a large or XL Big Green Egg

The large is a great option for smaller crowds, smaller families, or less overall cooking space. When comparing the two we will typically recommend the XL if you plan to cook for larger crowds or families. It also is easier to fit larger briskets and turkeys in an XL model.

Does a big green egg use wood pellets

Big Green Egg models all use charcoal and wood chunks to fuel and flavor the food being cooked. You can use starters for quick starting the heat. They do not use pellets. Also, as a general reminder, do not ever use lighter fluid to start a Big Green Egg.

What’s the primary difference between big green egg and kamado joe

The Kamado Joe III is the primary competitor to the BGE Large. It has a similar cooking space and layout. When comparing the two side by side they have very similar cooking styles. There are more cooking tier built-ins but the primary factor is that Big Green Egg has more accessories for the Large vs Kamado Joe.

So if you want to pick between the two – and are comparing similar price packages, the Big Green Egg wins.

Overall Review

If you live in a smaller household and want a versatile smoker and grill all in one package, the Large Big Green Egg is perfect. It has a distinct flavor from charcoal and wood and is one of the most efficient styles of grills or smokers on the market.

Be sure to explore your local dealers for the best package that works for you. To use it as a smoker be sure you are getting the convEGGtor plate.

The limited lifetime warranty also means you’ll have a company that will stand behind its products. Also compared to Kamado Joe there are significantly more accessories to choose from.


Find your local dealer and search their deals and packages for the best price and model that works for you. Or scan the Big Green Egg website and see if there is a package that works within your budget.

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