Where To Buy Turkey Online This Year (2023)

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There are a number of amazing places to buy quality turkeys online. Whether you want a heritage turkey or something organic, we have a list of our favorite places to buy a turkey online. And no matter where you source it, make it easy and pre-order so it’s ready to pick up.

A Smoked Spatchcocked Turkey on a platter

Article Highlights

  • Consider pre-ordering your Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys early.
  • Online sourcing gives you access to quality turkey that are raised and processed humanely.
  • Take advantage of sitewide sales for free shipping or cart discounts to maximize savings.
  • We have ordered and tested the turkeys included in this article.


D’Artagnan has been a supplier of amazing New York City restaurants for decades and takes great care in sourcing their meat from small farms all over the world. They are our hands down the best place to buy online turkeys. The turkeys have great flavor and you know you are supporting a small farm.

Spatchcocked turkey on a Thanksgiving table scape with sides.

Further, they have plenty of options to select from ranging from heritage breeds to organic chickens.

Diestel Turkey

This Colorado based family owned company has been making fresh and frozen turkey for decades. The turkeys are raised through regenerative agriculture practices which means they focus on great land management and turkey flock quality. From organic to pre-brined turkeys, Diestel is a quality rancher to feature on your holiday table.

Smoked Turkey with Bourbon Brine on a serving dish

Crowd Cow

Often known for their beef, this year Crowd Cow has some great online turkey sourced from Amish farmers in the United States and even a pre-order feature. These high quality turkeys come in a variety of sizes.

Allen Brothers

Often sought after for their steaks, Allen Brothers sources heritage black turkeys just in time for the holidays. Grown in North Carolina this turkey breed is as close to the original served for America’s first Thanksgiving.

mary cressler placing a smoked spatchcocked turkey on a thanksgiving table

Best Turkey Recipes

Here are some highlights of our favorite turkey recipes on the grill or smoker.

4.48 from 118 votes

Smoked Turkey Recipe with Bourbon Brine

Truly the Best Smoked Turkey recipe, packed with flavor, from a bourbon citrus brine, to an herbed butter, to a great turkey seasoning. Rated as the best turkey brines for smoking, this is the juiciest and most flavorful turkey ever.
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A Smoked Spatchcocked Turkey on a platter
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Smoked Spatchcocked Turkey Recipe with Cajun Seasoning

An easy way to smoke turkey by spatchcocking, or removing the backbone, and seasoning with cajun spices.
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brining a whole turkey
4.58 from 35 votes

Basic Turkey Brine Recipe

A basic turkey brine, or basic poultry brine, to enhance the flavor of turkey.
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Grilled Turkey Breast with Cajun Seasoning.
5 from 1 vote

Cajun Grilled Turkey Breast Recipe

Grilled Cajun Turkey Breast with a savory and spicy finish. Add butter just under the skin for more flavor and moisture. A great Thanksgiving recipe for a small crowd or as alternative to a large turkey.
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Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe

Brined and smoked turkey breast served with smoked turkey gravy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a turkey shortage this year?

Unlike prior years, 2023 will have an abundance of turkeys. But pre-ordering the bird you want is an ideal way to avoid the lines.

Can I pre-order turkey?

Yes, there a numerous suppliers and better grocery stores that will allow you to pre-order your turkey and it is recommended this year. Or consider sourcing from online retailers.

How much turkey per person?

Plan 1 1/2 pound of turkey per person pre cook weight. A 12 to 15 pound turkey is great for 6 to 8 people. A 15 to 18-pound turkey is great for 8 to 10 people. And for larger crowds consider two smaller turkeys so they can cook faster and less chance of drying out.

Can I buy a turkey at Costco?

Costco is probably one of the more cost effective places to buy turkey. Be sure to go early and follow the thawing protocol for frozen turkeys. Closer to the holiday they may have fresh turkey available.

How do I defrost a frozen turkey?

Place the turkey in the refrigerator 3 days prior to cooking it or 3 days prior to brining it. If you received a last minute frozen turkey you can quick thaw by placing the turkey in a large stock pot with ice and running cold water but it is not recommended.

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