Essential Pizza Tools for Homemade Pizza

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There are so many kitchen gadgets and pizza tools that are out there. We put a list of our must have pizza tools that you need for making excellent pizzas, from making your own pizza dough, rocking out amazing sauce, and cooking pizzas that make you look like a true professional.

And if you are just getting started, check out our guide on how to grill pizza.

Cooked Margherita Pizza
For the best outdoor pizzas, you need the right tools to make this Margherita Pizza Recipe.
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Tools for Preparing Pizza

  • Digital Scale – When making dough, it requires precision. And you must have a good digital scale with a tare feature.
  • Glass Measuring Cups – These help with measuring flour and warm water with the scale.
  • Bench Scraper – This tool may seem simple, but when dividing up your dough or removing it from the container, a bench scraper makes the work easy and keeps the dough intact.
  • Instant Read Thermometer – For activating yeast, you need the temperature of the water to be between 95 and 105. So be sure you have a good one.
  • Containers – Having a 4 or 6 quart container helps for the dough to rise. Invest in a good set of containers or bowls so you have room for the dough to rise during first fermentation.
  • Full Sheet Trays – Once you have the dough balls made, it’s best to let them rise on a sheet tray covered in plastic wrap. They can also double for sheet pan pizzas. Alternatively you can spend money on dough proofing containers.
  • Good Flour – 00 Flour like Caputo or Bread Flour has the right texture and gluten levels.
  • Pizza Cutter or Wheel – A simple pizza wheel makes cutting the pizza easy.
  • Blender – For making pizza sauce, and our preferred brand is the Blendtec series of blenders. Great for making a no cook pizza sauce.
A digital scale measuring flour in a glass dish
A digital scale is essential for dough as is quality flour.

Tools for Making the Pizza

Tools used for making great pizzas
Our favorite tools for making pizzas.

There are some important pizza tools needed when you are actually cooking them.

  • Pizza Stone – If you don’t have a dedicated pizza oven, then at least a 13-inch pizza stone is important.
  • Digital IR Thermometer – No matter when the internal temperature of your oven is, you need the stone temperature to match the style of pizza you want and an IR thermometer is the only way to get that.
  • Wooden Pizza Peel – A wooden peel stays cooler than a metal peel as you prep, and makes it easier to slide the pizza onto the hot stone.
  • Pizza Turning Peel – The smaller version of the pizza peel, it’s meant to easily turn a pizza for an even cook. This is most useful for use in a dedicated pizza oven with a smaller opening.
  • Metal Pizza Peel – For removing the pizza. This isn’t essential, but we use one to remove the pizza while the wood one is being used to make a second or third pizza.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

A Gozney Dome pizza oven
New models of amazing outdoor ovens are coming on the market regularly like the Gozney Dome.

We recommend investing in a quality outdoor pizza oven. They range in price and sizes but makes for an incredible pizza tool for wood fired style ovens. Or you can check out our guide on how to grill pizzas or how to make pellet grill pizzas.

Gozney Roccbox – This table top pizza oven is great for cranking out pizzas. These are great especially for Neapolitan inspired pizzas, like our classic Margherita Pizza. They can burn wood or gas and are easy to fire up. Dual fuel retails for $599.

Ooni Karu – Ooni has several models to choose from, but like the Roccbox can be set up for either gas or wood. This 12-inch model retails for $398 plus accessories like the gas attachment (sold separately).

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven – Solo’s debut into the pizza oven market is a simply designed circular stove that maintains consistent heat. While it’s not as big as some of its peers, it’s light, sleek design, and portable and a great addition to the pizza oven market.

Gozney Dome – This larger outdoor oven is great for high heat pizzas, it also has features for baking, and even boasts enough space to cook steaks. See our full Gozney Dome Product Review. Dual Fuel retails for $1,750. If you want to learn how to use it for pizza check out our guide on how to use the Gozney Dome Wood Oven.

Rotating pizza on the grill
Grilled pizzas really need a pizza stone to conduct even heat.


In addition to propane canisters, there are a number of companies making wood splits specific for wood fired pizza ovens. Are favorites at the moment include Carolina Cooking Wood and Cutting Edge Firewood.

Pizza Recipes

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