15 Best Comfort Food Recipes for the Grill or Smoker

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Comfort Food can evoke many different dishes from around the world. But when we think of comfort food, we think of hearty meals that warm the heart and soul. From slowly cooked stews and chili, to magical cheesy dishes. Here are some of our favorite recipes that we cook on our grill or smoker.

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Bowl of Texas Chili.
Smoked Lasagna? Yup. We have that in our cookbook.

What Is Comfort Food?

The definition is as much an emotion as a technical response. Comfort food is really any food that makes you feel whole or nostalgic. So there is no right or wrong way to define it other than does it make you feel happy? However, we are ignoring the calorie counts. 🙂


Slowly smoked short ribs finished in a wine inspired broth until fork tender. Add some mashed potatoes for the perfect comfort food dinner.

Smoked Beef Short Ribs. How to smoke short ribs and incorporate them into an incredible, rich, stew
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Smoked Beef Short Rib Stew

How to cook incredibly tender beef short ribs on the smoker and finish them in a rich and indulgent stew.
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Chicken braised in wine is a classic French dish. This version is all the better for slowly smoking the chicken and then finishing in a wine braise.

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Smoked Coq au Vin Recipe

How to add smoked flavor to a traditional Coq au Vin. Smoke the chicken on your smoker, then build your stew with the pre-smoked chicken pieces. Adds incredible flavor to this classic French dish. Recipe adapted by Ina Garten.
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Chuck Roast never tasted so good! Tender, rich, and oh so comforting.

Smoked Chuck Roast Pot Roast Stew in a large cast iron pot
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Smoked Chuck Roast Stew with Red Wine Braise

A slowly smoked Chuck Roast finished in a red wine, beef stock, and vegetable braise. This Chuck Roast is tender and a perfect roast alternative.
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We have to include chili when defining comfort food recipes. And this assortment of chilis range from a Texas classic, to more unique versions. They may not all be grilled or smoked, but they are some of the best chili recipes we have made.

Texas Style Chili means no beans, and lots of meat (specifically chuck meat). As one fan said, “Anything else gets in the way.” Spicy and full of flavor using an easy chili paste, this recipe is inspired by our friends in Texas.

texas chili in a bowl with toppings.
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Authentic Texas Chili Recipe – No Beans

Meat, beer, chile. The basics for this authentic and spicy Texas chili recipe.
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This one has beans, and yes, there is a use for leftover brisket (when you have it). You can easily substitute brisket with tri tip or sirloin. This recipe has won many awards for us and many of our readers.

Smoked Beef Brisket Chili -- Best use for leftover brisket
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Smoked Beef Brisket Chili

A great use for leftover smoked beef brisket. Use it as a base for this smoked beef brisket chili.
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Inspired by my mom and growing up in a Mexican-American household, this dish was our go-to Thanksgiving meal.

green chili turkey in a bowl
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Green Chili Turkey Recipe

This can be a great use for leftover turkey, or as a main meal. Serve over rice or as a filling for tacos or burritos. 
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Cheesy Comfort Food Dishes

If it has cheese, it brings comfort. At least that’s how we define this selection of dishes.

Add smoked tri tip to your next mac and cheese recipe for flavor explosion.

Smoked Tri Tip Macaroni and Cheese, Cooked on the Grill
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Smoked Tri Tip Mac and Cheese Recipe

Smoked Tri Tip Mac and Cheese is made with perfectly smoked and tender tri tip, mixed with an ultra creamy cheese sauce and cooked on the grill.
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Yes, you can make killer smoked lasagna. We have one in our cookbook too!

Smoked Sausage Lasagna
5 from 8 votes

Smoked Lasagna Recipe With Sausage

Smoked sausage and smoked marinara sauce combined for a creative smoked lasagna recipe.
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Combine beer and cheese and you have perfection. Add spicy Hatch or Anaheim chile and it’s instant happiness.

Smoked Sausage and Hatch Chili Beer Cheese Dip
4.67 from 12 votes

Smoked Sausage and Hatch Chile Beer Cheese Dip Recipe

Creamy, smoky, Smoked Sausage Hatch Chile Beer Cheese Dip is the Ultimate Beer Cheese Dip appetizer! Perfect for tailgating season.
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Add a wheel of brie to a cast iron pan and a splash of wine for one heck of an appetizer. Or in our house, the main meal.

Baked Brie dip with crostini.
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Grilled Baked Brie with Wine and Thyme

Grilled brie wheel with white wine and thyme served with grilled crostini.
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Side Dishes and Salads

If side dishes qualify as comfort food, then these will not disappoint.

Cornbread grilled in a cast iron pan with that nice golden color and flavor. This from scratch cornbread is topped with a smoked honey drizzle to take it up a flavor level.

Skillet Cornbread Cooked on the Grill
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Skillet Cornbread Recipe on the Grill

Grilled Cornbread in a cast iron skillet with green chilies and cinnamon topped with smoked honey drizzle.
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Squash maintain great texture when grilled. And this salad is a great way to amp up the plate, and provide for a great fall side dish.

Grilled Acorn Squash over a bed of arugula.
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Grilled Acorn Squash Salad Recipe

Grilled Acorn Squash Salad is the perfect side dish or hearty main dish for your fall entertaining or family dinners. Grilling acorn squash is super easy, and adds incredible flavor to this easy salad!
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When we get inspired by meals we’ve had at friends’ houses, we love to add a smoky twist. Slowly braised collard greens with a smoked turkey leg for flavor. This is one of our favorite holiday side dishes.

collard greens with smoked turkey in a white bowl
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Collard Greens Recipe With Smoked Turkey Leg

How to make smoked collard greens with a homemade smoked turkey leg. One key tip is to be sure the collards are gently rolled or massaged to tenderize them.
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Comfort Food Desserts

We absolutely feel sweet treats count as comfort foods.

Top this Grilled Apple Crisp with your favorite ice cream and a honey drizzle.

grilled apple crisp cooling
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Grilled Apple Crisp

How to make a traditional apple crisp on the grill. Grilled Apple Crisp is going to become your new favorite fall dessert! It's also the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving dinner!
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These may be gluten free (they can easily be subbed with regular all purpose flour), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing. Spoiler alert: they are amazing!!!

top view of skillet brownies
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Skillet Brownies on the Grill

Made to be dense and rich in chocolate, these Skillet Brownies are cooked on the grill and then topped with a chocolate drizzle and vanilla bean ice cream. Gluten free.
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