The Best 15 Smoked Chicken Recipes

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Learn how to smoke a chicken, plus up to two weeks worth of recipes using leftover smoked chicken. Each of these smoked chicken recipes are expertly flavored to take a regular chicken from boring to wow!

Or if you are cooking hot and fast check out our roundup for our favorite grilled chicken recipes.

Pellet Grill Whole Chicken on a cutting board.
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Smoking chicken, rather than baking or roasting it, adds an additional layer of flavor that turns any weeknight meal up a notch. We’ve got traditional low and slow BBQ chicken as well as a whole chicken recipe perfect for meal prepping. A Smoked Whole Chicken is one of the most common things we cook on our smokers. We typically smoke one or two on any given Sunday, then use the meat throughout the week for our meals, like buffalo chicken dip or smoked chicken tortilla soup. Read on for more recipes!

Modify any of our whole chicken recipes with the spatchcock, or butterflying technique. This technique speeds up the cooking process and is one of our favorite ways to roast whole chickens.

Chicken Temperature

While the USDA recommends cooking all chicken to 165 the real answer is a little more nuanced if you want perfectly cooked chicken.

If you are wondering what temperature to cook chicken too look no further than our entire article on chicken temperature.

Smoked Whole Chicken

A whole smoked chicken is incredibly versatile. Smoke one or two on the weekend and you’re set with tasty home-cooked meat for the week!

Whole Smoked Chicken on a sheet pan
3.96 from 46 votes

Smoked Whole Chicken Recipe

Step by step guide for smoked whole chicken- including times, temps, dry rub recipes and pro tips.  
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BBQ Chicken Recipes

Chicken is an inexpensive and delicious meat to practice your barbecuing techniques on.

4.60 from 5 votes

Dry Brine Smoked Chicken with a Carolina Glaze

How to dry brine a chicken for amazing flavor. The chicken starts with a dry brine, and is then smoked slow and finished with a Carolina style BBQ sauce as a glaze.
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Glazed BBQ Chicken with Syrah
5 from 2 votes

Glazed BBQ Chicken Recipe

Recipe for glazed barbecue chicken. Slowly smoked chicken finished with a tangy and sweet sauce.
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Easy BBQ Chicken Sliders on a sheetpan
4.67 from 3 votes

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders Recipe

How make Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders using smoked chicken. Perfect and easy way to feed a crowd with a Hawaiian style bun, grilled pineapple coleslaw and pulled chicken.
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Smoked Chicken Wings

The wings are one of the smallest and yet most expensive parts of a chicken, but for good reason! They are beyond tasty. Especially when smoked!

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings with Crispy Skin on a serving platter
4.66 from 87 votes

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe (with Crispy Skin)

The best method for smoked chicken wings with crispy skin. This success of this recipe is ALL in the technique. Well, that, and the sauce. But seriously pay attention to the technique! 
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Smoked Wings with Asian Thai Chili Sauce on a plate
5 from 1 vote

Smoked Chicken Wings with Thai Chili Sauce

Crispy, sweet, and savory, these amazing smoked wings are full of flavor.
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Recipes Using Smoked Chicken

So you smoked your chicken and now you’re wondering what to put it in? We’ve got you covered.

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Smoked Salsa Verde Chicken Soup Recipe

Recipe for Smoked Chicken Salsa Verde Soup. A quick, easy, soul-soothing, cold-calming, smoky delicious soup for when you’re not feeling well. And three variations for this easy soup during cold season.
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a bowl of chicken tortilla soup
5 from 4 votes

Smoked Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Slowly smoked chicken adds great flavor to a classic chicken tortilla soup. This soup starts with quality ingredients, like homemade chicken stock, chipotle and other flavorful ingredients.
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5 from 5 votes

Smoked Coq au Vin Recipe

How to add smoked flavor to a traditional Coq au Vin. Smoke the chicken on your smoker, then build your stew with the pre-smoked chicken pieces. Adds incredible flavor to this classic French dish. Recipe adapted by Ina Garten.
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Bowl of Chicken Chili
4.75 from 4 votes

Smoked Chicken Chili

Chicken Chili recipe made with leftover grilled or smoked chicken is super easy, jam packed with flavor, and isn't too rich to weigh you down.
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5 from 2 votes

BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

An easy Smoked BBQ Chicken Pizza, made with smoked chicken, a blend of cheeses, and our favorite toppings. Perfect for Pizza Night!!!
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Smoked Buffalo Turkey Dip
5 from 2 votes

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip is a lightened up version of a classic Buffalo Chicken Dip made with smoked chicken, Greek yogurt, and light cream cheese.
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Smoked Buffalo Chicken Pizza sliced.
5 from 2 votes

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Pizza is the perfect answer for when you're wanting Buffalo wings, but also pizza! Makes for a great leftover chicken recipe.
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Smoked Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese
5 from 1 vote

Smoked Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Recipe

Creamy smoked butternut squash puree mixed with smoked chicken, bacon, and cheese for a creamy and flavorful mac and cheese.
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Grilled Buffalo Chicken Jalapeño Poppers
5 from 1 vote

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Jalapeño Poppers

Recipe for Grilled Jalapeño Poppers stuffed with a Buffalo Chicken style filling. The perfect marriage of wings meets traditional poppers, grilled to perfection.
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